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Licenciatura em Música Admissions (Bachelor) 2017/2018

Índice do artigo

This section contains the necessary information for application for the Licenciatura em Música (Bachelor Course) - Composition, Conducting and Music Education, Performance and Jazz. Note that there is a different calendar for Jazz, with exams in a slightly different format.

Note: The contents and criteria for the specific tests will be published on March 17th.

Frequently Asked Questions (consultation of the legislation is recommended)

Who can apply to ESML under the normal category?


Candidates who hold a Portuguese secondary education course or a legally equivalent qualification with approval in the national examination may apply for entrance (Local Access Contest).

Who can apply for international student access?

Holders of a qualification legally equivalent to Portuguese secondary education. The equivalence must be attributed by a Portuguese secondary school or by the competent services of the Ministry of Education (Decree-Law no. 227/2005, December 28)

I have a higher education course, how can I apply to Licenciatura em Música (bachelor) course?

Through the entrance tests under a special category, on the same dates as the normal tests in the Local Access Contest

Who can compete in the over 23 category?

Candidates who have completed 23 years of age by December 31 of the preceding year and who do not hold a secondary education qualification or equivalent.

Can I apply for a course in ESML, not having the 12th grade and the National Examination of Secondary Education?

If you are 23 years of age or older, you can take the tests at our school to assess the capacity for these specialized higher education courses in music

What is the difference between COURSE CHANGE, RE-ENTRY AND TRANSFER?

COURSE CHANGE allows a student to enrol in a different course than the one in which he last enrolled (at the same or another educational establishment), whether or not the registration has expired. 

RE-ENTRY is the act by which a student enrols in an institution and course in which he / she has already had valid enrolment and registration but which have expired in the meantime. 

TRANSFER is the act by which a student enrols in the same course or equivalent in a different institution of higher education from that in which he or she is, or has been, enrolled, irrespective of interruption.

I interrupted my studies in a higher education course. What can I do to rejoin?

Students who have been enrolled in the same national higher education establishment in the same course, or a preceding course, may apply for re-entry. For this purpose, you must apply for re-entry with the academic services of the higher education institution that you attended.

How can I transfer or change course to a Portuguese higher education institution?

Students who have been enrolled in a Portuguese higher education course without completion may apply for course change or transfer, as can students who have been enrolled in a foreign higher education establishment defined as such by the legislation of the country concerned, whether or not they completed the course.