Course Coordinator – Professor Doutor Ricardo Pinheiro

Other members: Professor Doutor Tiago Neto; Professor Doutor Miguel Henriques

Areas of Specialization

  • Voice
  • Composition
  • Conducting: Choral and Orchestral
  • Instrument
  • Jazz

Number of vacancies: 30

Conditions for Admission

Candidates who can apply for access to the Master in Music course:

  1. Holders of the degree of “Licenciado em Música” (bachelor) or legal equivalent;
  2. Holders of a foreign higher academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Process by a State adhering to this process;
  3. Holders of a foreign higher academic degree that is recognized as satisfying the objectives of the Licenciatura em Música degree by the Scientific Committee of the Master in Music;
  4. Students who complete one of the higher grades referred to in a), b) or c) up to the enrollment act.
  5. Holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting ability to carry out this course of study by the Scientific Committee of the course.

Selection and Classification Criteria

1 — Composition

  1. The selection of candidates is made through the presentation of a portfolio with works that the candidate considers relevant in his/her own production, integrating, whenever possible, recordings of public executions of the same, a supporting text and an interview. 
  2. In the portfolio are evaluated: the degree of professionalism of the writing and general finishing of the scores; the number of works, also considering the diversity of genres, the instrumental formations and the media used; the degree of aesthetical and technical reflection present in the musical production; the degree of involvement with the musical community, whenever the recordings referred to in paragraph 1 a) of this article are made available.

2 - Conducting: Choral and Orchestral

  1. The selection of candidates is made through the presentation of a portfolio, a supporting text, a practical test and an interview. The portfolio will include the relevant experience in Conducting and a DVD with works conducted by the candidate in at least two different formations - such as Banda / Winds Orchestra, Strings Orchestra / Symphony Orchestra, big "a capella" Choir, Ensemble or Vocal Group "a capella" of smaller dimension, Choir and Orchestra (symphonic, winds or strings), Choir and Instrumental Ensemble, Mixed Instrumental Ensemble;
  2. In the portfolio are evaluated: the experience of the candidate as a Conductor; the rigor of execution; the technical mastery, the interpretive and expressive capacities, the degree of gesture / facial communication of the candidate with the formations presented in the DVD.
  3. For the Masters in Choral Conducting the practical exam will consist of a test of approximately 15 minutes and an auditory test of error detection.
  4. For the Masters in Orchestral Conducting the practical exam will consist of a 5 minutes rehearsal, followed by the performance of the mandatory piece.
  5. The jury will evaluate the candidate's experience in Conducting/Choral or Orchestral in the following aspects:
    • Conducting technique;
    • Comunication with the choir or orchestra;
    • Listening and reactivity;
    • Leadership;
    • Knowledge and understanding of the music performed;
    • Interpretation.

3 - Remaning areas

  1. Candidates shall be selected on the basis of practical exams, including the execution of a program which has been published at least 30 days before the date of the test, and of a supporting text.
  2. In the practical exams are evaluated: the rigor of the execution; the technical mastery; interpretive and expressive capacities; the degree of investment of the candidate in the preparation of the presented program.

4 - Juries

In each Area of ​​Specialization, the evaluation of portfolios and practical exams is carried out by a jury appointed by the Scientific Committee of the Master in Music and composed of three professors, of which at least one belongs to the respective area of ​​specialization / instrument

5- Evaluation Criteria

Portfolio evaluation and practical exams classifications are translated into the numerical scale from 0 to 20.

6 - Results

The results of the access contest are presented as follows:

  1. Single list, in alphabetical order, of the approved candidates;
  2. Serial lists of candidates, by area / instruments;
  3. Single list, in alphabetical order, of the candidates admitted.

7 - Final admission list

In addition to the classifications obtained in the entrance exams, the final admission of candidates shall take into account the need to ensure a balanced functioning of the different areas of specialization / instruments.

8 - Remaining Vacancies

Vacancies that occur in the case of candidates who do not enroll, or that withdraw, will be filled by the candidates on the list referred to in number 6 a) (approved candidates), according to the criteria defined in the previous number.

9 - Appeals

From the results of the contest, no appeals or complaints are allowed, except if based on a formal defect.


  • Applications: February 19 - March 9 2018
  • Exams' contents: March 2 2018
  • Speciality exams: April 2 to 6 2018
  • Results: April 16 2018
  • Complaints deadline: April 20 2018
  • Decisions deadline: April 27 2018
  • Enrollment: September 10 to 14 2018

Information on the application process


Instructions on the online application:
Instructions manual

To apply, the candidate must access the CSSnet, which will be available through the following address: and click on the "candidaturas" (applications) menu. To initiate the process it is necessary to click in the CSSnet login page on the desired category of enrollment. All applicants must register as users of the online application platform.

Payment of the application fee must be made through the Multibanco ATM network, selecting the payment / service payment operation in euros. Enter the entity in the indicated table, the reference MB (automatically generated at the end of the application process) and the amount.

ATTENTION: The mentioned ATM references will only be available for payment from 24 to 48 business hours from the moment the application is formalized.

For any questions, please contact the academic services by email or telephone.

Email: Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. or to the following numbers: +351 211 518 106 or +351 213 224 946 (during business hours).

Elements to complete the application

- 1 photo (passport type in jpg format)
- Photocopy of B.I. / Citizen Card /Passport
- Photocopy of the taxpayer card
- Certificate of Completion of Licenciatura (Bachelor) or Master degree or Certificate of attendance of Licenciatura (for those who have not yet completed)
- Curriculum vitae
- Portfolio with works and eventual recordings of public executions (for candidates for Composition, Choral and Orchestral Conducting - see points 1 and 2)
 Application fee (paid on application, non-refundable) - € 51.25


Professor Miguel Henriques