Conferência 'Composing Sound' pelo compositor Panayiotis Kokoras

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terça, 09 outubro 2018
Pequeno Auditório
Conferência 'Composing Sound' pelo compositor Panayiotis Kokoras
09 Out.

No dia 9 de outubro de 2018, o compositor grego Panayiotis Kokoras, professor na Universidade do Norte do Texas, dará uma conferência intitulada ‘Composing Sound’, no âmbito das actividades do Festival DME, em colaboração com a ESML.


Conferência 'Composing Sound'

When composing sound, sound replaces the musical note as the fundamental structural unit. Sound is the only form-bearing musical element. It is important to emphasize first the significance of a single sound only, and then its relationship with two or more sounds. When composing sound, the instrument becomes the sound. Emphasis should be given to the precise production of the variable sound possibilities and the exact distinction of one to another in order to be able to convey the musical ideas and structure of the piece. The movements and the gestures that produce the various sounds are not disconnected from the sounds, are not the reason for the sounds but are in fact the sound altogether. Energy, movement, and timbre become one; sound source identification, cause guessing, sound energies, gesture decoding, and extra-musical connotations will not be independent of the sound, but vital internal components of it.

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