Concerto comentado com o compositor Francis Dhomont (parceria Festival DME)

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terça, 27 novembro 2018
Pequeno Auditório
Concerto comentado com o compositor Francis Dhomont (parceria Festival DME)
15 Nov.

O compositor francês de 92 anos, Francis Dhomont, apresentará e comentará a sua obra utilizando o "acusmónio" da ESML, em colaboração com o Festival DME.

Trata-se da 1ª apresentação do mesmo numa digressão em Portugal, que também passa pela ESART-IPCB e termina no espaço Lisboa Incomum.

Terça-feira, dia 27 de Novembro às 19:00. Entrada livre.


Here and There (2003)
Phonurgie (1998)
Premières traces du Choucas (2006)
Vol d’arondes (1999-2001)
Phœnix XXI (2016)


Francis Dhormont

A French composer born November 2, 1926 in Paris.
Motivated by a passion for music, Francis Dhomont studied composition with Ginette Waldmeier, Charles Koechlin and Nadia Boulanger. After some early experience in the instrumental and vocal repertories, he turned instinctively towards electro-acoustics, that he saw as a formidable domain for the investigation of sound. Dhomont’s interest in composition on tape led him, after settling in Provence with his own studio (1963), to devote himself exclusively to the production of acousmatic works. While his music progressively gained recognition, he strengthened his initial training with a seminar at the GRM (1973-1974) and presided over the festival ‘Musiques multiples’ at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. The succeeding decades, during which Francis Dhomont divided his time between Quebec and France, were particularly productive for the composer. An artist in residence at the music faculty of Montreal University where he subsequently taught, he won, in 1981, First Prize at the International Electro-acoustic Music Competition in Bourges. Several state commissions followed (…Mourir un peu, 1984; Drôles d'oiseaux, 1985) together with many distinctions that revealed him to be a composer of consequence. The acousmatic output of Dhomont features some fifty works, including radiophonic productions and ‘application music’. His catalogue includes, notably, Mais laisserons-nous mourir Arianna? (1979), Sous le regard d'un soleil noir (1981), Points de fuite (1982), Chiaroscuro (1987), Signé Dyonisos (1991), Forêt profonde (1994-1996) and À propos de K (2006).

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